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Motion on Refugee Crisis Passed at Branch Meeting on 8 October 2015

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Email to Members

Summer Holiday Advice

Dear members

Many of you have expressed concerns about the difficulty in being able to take your leave entitlement during the summer holiday period from 20 July to the 31 August 2015.

This concern was added to when the management announced a plan to run Summer schools along with a third opportunity to retake exams and course work.

UCU has raised this with management in the context of complaining there was no consultation with staff over the viability of this additional teaching and assessment. Management have assured us there is no need for concern and staff will not be pressurized to cancel their leave or holiday bookings. Deputy Vice Chancellor Pat Bailey’s email on Friday 12 June was in part a response to UCU concerns.

UCU offers the following advice to members:

1.  Summer Schools

Teaching on this is voluntary and should not require more than one academic staff member per division. In one of the schools the new Director of Education and Student Experience will be running the Summer school with the help of staff from the Skills for Learning unit. The DESE will also be helped by one

member of the academic staff who has agreed to do it.

If there are no volunteers then additional pay and leave entitlements (time off in lieu) may provide sufficient incentive for volunteers to come forward. 

2.  Marking

Marking should not begin before Tuesday 1 September and from this date we suggest a ten day turn around given that there are not expected to be large numbers involved. We would suggest marks could be submitted by Friday 11 September at the latest (exceptionally less than the normal 20 day turn around).

These points will be discussed at the next branch meeting to ensure support or amendment by members.

LSBU UCU Co-ordinating Committee

16 June 2015


Emails 4 - 6 September: Voluntary Severance and Grade 9 Contract; Advice on Grades 6, 7 and 8 Job Descriptors and Appraisal; UCU Reps Training

LSBU has a proud tradition of supporting refugees. The following motion was passed at a recent branch meeting. UCU will be raising the contents of this motion with management at the next JNCC.

Motion on Refugee Crisis

This branch notes:

  • The continuing plight of refugees in Calais and elsewhere in Europe, who are seeking refuge after experiencing unimaginable horrors
  • the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War II with millions fleeing from wars, persecution and poverty
  • The demonization by some quarters of the media and government of the refugees in Europe and particularly in Calais.
  • That the Tory government’s response to the crisis has been far too little and inadequate – for example by allowing in just 20,000 refugees on a temporary basis in the first instance, and only from camps in the Lebanon by 2020.

This branch resolves

  • To organise a collection and donate to local charities in support of both local refugees and asylum seekers and those elsewhere in Europe.
  • To campaign and pressure the government to accept more refugees and offer them permanent status in the UK 
  • To encourage senior management to:

Voluntary Severance Advice 2018

Voluntary Severance Advice

For those of you who have opted for Voluntary Severance (VS) it is not in your best interests to accept a three month payment in lieu of notice if you have this option available. UCU is advising members to either work out their three month notice or if management offers it, to go on 'gardening leave' for the three months so that a monthly salary continues to be paid till the termination of employment at LSBU.

The reason for this advice is because once you accept a lump sum payment for the three months in lieu of notice you lose the employer contribution to your pension and it is left to you to figure out how to pay in your own employee contribution for those three months. Of course if management are prepared to guarantee the ongoing employer contribution to your pension for the three months then it may be preferable if it is being offered for you to accept a lump sum three month payment in lieu of notice.

The above is separate to and has nothing to do with the substantive VS payment and should not be confused with it.

Voluntary Severance Legal Advice

LSBU provides £400 contribution to getting independent legal advice on your VS offer. UCU will provide the following support for members if you do the following:

i)    Get an electronic copy attachment of the VS documentation 

ii)   Send it to Russell Caplan caplanr@lsbu.ac.uk

iii)   Include the following information in the covering email: a) your name and home address     b) Your private email address     c) your mobile and home phone number   d) HR Business Partner   e) email address for your School’s HR Business Partner. 

Russell will forward this email to our Regional Official who will send it to Thompsons solicitors (a law firm that deals with trade union issues and advice) on your behalf; you will then be contacted directly by Thompsons.